Christmas Day 2016

Away in a manger

 Away in a manger, no crib for a bed,
The little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head.
Surrounded by cattle who low in dismay
At sight of the baby asleep on the hay.
The hay in the manger is theirs to feed on
Whenever their hunger alerts them to need.
But now there’s a baby there, right in the way –
Peacefully lying asleep on their hay.
The cattle knew not why a baby there lay
They knew not that thirty-three years on, He’d say
“Take, eat – for my body is given for you
Eat, and remember why this I now do.
Take, drink – for my blood is outpoured for the world –
The Kingdom of God is now being unfurled.”
And two thousand years on, in wine and in bread,
Still we remember the words that He said.
We take, eat and drink – our night turned to day
By the baby who lay there asleep on the hay.


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