Week 4: Friday Matthew 22:1-14

First, a point of interpretation, and to clarify

I’ve always understood the following to be the case:

“The framework of the parable probably presupposes the Oriental custom of providing garments for the guests who were invited to a royal feast. Wardrobes filled with many thousand garments formed part of the wealth of every Eastern prince, and it was part of his glory to bring them out for use on state occasions. On this assumption, the act of the man who was found “not having a wedding garment” was one of wilful insult. He came in the “filthy rags”  of his old life, instead of putting on the “white linen” meet for a kingly feast which had been freely offered him.”

Which puts a whole new slant on the King’s anger.

“Wilful insult”.

So – thought for the day.

Choices have consequences.
If I wilfully choose to live in a way which is not in accord with the kingdom, I am wilfully choosing exclusion.
Teachers frequently have that kind of conversation with pupils… putting the responsiblity for their behaviour and its consequences firmly on the shoulders of the pupil.  See Graham Hartland’s post mentioning the direct correlation between effort in and results out.

Question for the day – from what today will I repent? or to what will I repent?

Prayer for the day – “Lord, the evil that I would not, that I do, and the good I would do, that I do not. Have mercy on me.”


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