Week 1: Friday Matthew 25:1-13

Lets dance…

How to preach effectively:

  1. “Tell them what you’re going to say.
  2. Say it.
  3. Tell them what you’ve just said.”


How to get a point across to pupils:

  1. Tell them the Learning Objective (and get them to write it in their books, remembering of course DUMTUM. That’s an in-joke… Date Underline Miss a line Title Underline Miss a line).
  2. Explore the Learning Objective.
  3. In plenary, ensure they have learned the objective.


How to structure an essay:

  1. Introduction, wherein you summarise where you are going.
  2. The main body of the essay, wherein you flesh out the introduction.
  3. Conclusion, wherein you summarise your main points.


Either Jesus or the compiler of this Gospel or both fully understood these principles.

Here we once again have reinforcement of the very important point Jesus is trying to get across.
OK – I give in. Here’s the song the first line of which has come to mind practically every day this week as I’ve read each passage – There may be trouble ahead…

Although the lyrics (click on “show more” on the linked video) and the upbeat tempo might not, on the face of it, represent the kind of preparation we might think Jesus had in mind, they do indicate preparation of a sort:
Before it’s too late – let’s surrender to the music, let’s dance, let’s relate to one another, let’s live!!!

On second thoughts – maybe, in a nutshell, that does after all sum up what Jesus is saying:

  • Dark times are coming
  • You don’t know when
  • Meanwhile, live the life you have been given to live
    • If there’s music (or any other kind of beauty), experience it to the full
    • If there are companions, live in supportive, enabling relationship, amending your steps in the dance of life to blend with theirs and create a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts
    • Those steps to the dance are the ones I have taught you
  • This will be the best preparation for the dark times ahead

And for those who think a jazz standard might be a bit – well – secular for such a holy place as Advent Book Club 2016, try this one instead – also about dancing (and I make no apologies for re-posting a link I used in a comment on Facebook yesterday).

May your day – nay, your life – be full of dancing


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